Service and Administration

Service at Shimer College
Associate Dean, 2015-17

  • Coordinating academic assessment program
  • Coordinating curricular reorganization (semester to trimester)
  • Scheduling and setting agenda for faculty and other meetings
  • Assisting in course planning and development of academic policy

Other major initiatives

  • Spearheaded revision of interdisciplinary Humanities capstone course
  • Revamped interdisciplinary Senior Capstone sequence
  • Designed and implemented two-year pathway program for transfer students

Service on college-wide committees:

  • Academic Planning Committee, 2012-17
  • Admissions Committee, 2014-2016
  • Grievances, Appeals, and Judicial Committee, 2013-17
  • Quality of Life Committee, 2011-2012

Fellow of the PhD Center, Chicago Theological Seminary, 2011-

  • Directed PhD-level tutorials
  • Administered comprehensive exams for doctoral candidates
  • Served on dissertation committees

Referee work

  • Publishers: Fordham University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Rowman & Littlefield International, Stanford University Press
  • Journals: Political Theology, Critical Research in Religion, The Review of Politics, Theology Today, Symplokē, Mosaic, Griffith Law Review, Toronto Journal of Theology, parrhesia
  • Dissertation outside reader: University of Capetown (Department of Religion)

Service on editorial/advisory boards

  • “Provocations” book series, University of Nebraska Press
  • Continental Theory and Thought journal, University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

Service to the American Academy of Religion

  • Co-Chair of the Theology and Continental Philosophy Group, 2016-
  • Member of the Steering Committee for the Bible, Theology, and Postmodernism Group, 2010-2013
  • Student Liaison, 2006-2008