Journal Articles, Chapters, and Reviews

Journal Articles
“Neoliberalism’s Demons,” Theory and Event 20.2 (2017): 493-509. (Project MUSE link)

“The Inertia of Tradition in Star Trek: Case Studies in Neglected Corners of the ‘Canon’,” Science Fiction Film and Television 9.3 (2016): 347–370. (journal issue link)

“What is the Western Canon Good For?” Australian Humanities Review 60 (2016): 157-61. (PDF link)

“Intellectual Freedom in the Age of Social Media,” Continental Thought and Theory 1 (2016): 80-82. (PDF link)

“The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Legitimacy: On the Roots and Future of Political Theology,” Crisis and Critique 2.1 (2015): 284-299. (PDF link)

“Genealogy and Political Theology: On Method in Agamben’s The Kingdom and the Glory,” Political Theology 14.1 (2013): 109-116. (submitted version PDF link)

“A Dangerous Supplement: Speculative Realism, Academic Blogging, and the Future of Philosophy,” Speculations IV (2013): 35-37. (PDF link)

“On Materialist Theology: Thinking God Beyond the Master Signifier,” Revue Internationale de Philosophie (2012): 347-357. (submitted version PDF link)

“The Resurrection of the Dead: A Religionless Interpretation,” Princeton Theological Review 26.1 (2011): 37-48. (PDF link)

“Gift and Communio: The Holy Spirit in Augustine’s De Trinitate,” Scottish Journal of Theology 64.1 (2011): 1-12. (PDF link; online journal issue link)

“The Christian Experience Continues: On Žižek’s Work Since The Parallax View,” International Journal of Žižek Studies 4.4 (2010): 1-9. (PDF link)

“‘That They Might Have Ontology’: Radical Orthodoxy and the New Debate,” Political Theology 10.1 (January 2009): 115-124. (submitted version PDF link)

“On Agamben’s Use of Benjamin’s ‘Critique of Violence,’” Telos 145 (Winter 2008): 119-129. (excerpt link)

“The Failed Divine Performative: Reading Judith Butler’s Critique of Theology with Anselm’s On the Fall of the Devil,” Journal of Religion 88.2 (2008): 209–225. (PDF link)

“Politics and Perversion: Situating Žižek’s Paul,” Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 9.2 (2008): 43-52. (PDF link)

“The Sermon on Mount Moriah: Faith and the Secret in The Gift of Death,” Heythrop Journal 49.1 (2008): 44-61. (submitted version PDF link)

“Objective Spirit and Continuity in the Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.” Philosophy and Theology 17.1-2 (2005): 17-31. (PDF link)

“Empire and Eschaton,” Journal of Philosophy and Scripture 2.1 (2004): 1-6. (HTML link)

Book Chapters
“Agamben as a Reader of Agamben,” in Agamben’s Philosophical Lineage, ed. Adam Kotsko and Carlo Salzani (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming).

“La teologia del neoliberismo,” trans. V. Bonacci and G. Lucchesini, in Giorgio Agamben: Ontologia e politica, ed. V. Bonacci (Quodlibet, forthcoming).

“The Persistence of the Ransom Theory of the Atonement,” in Companion to the Atonement, ed. Adam Johnson (New York: T&T Clark, 2017).

“Giorgio Agamben,” in Religion and European Philosophy: Key Thinkers from Kant to the Present, ed. Philip Goodchild and Hollis Phelps (Durham, U.K.: Acumen, 2017).

“Unlearning Helplessness: The Liberal Arts and the Future of Education,” in The Best Kind of College, ed. John Seery and Susan McWilliams (New York: SUNY Press, 2015).

“Repetition and Regression: The Problem of Christianity and Žižek’s ‘Middle Period,’” in Repeating Žižek, ed. Agon Hamza (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 2015).

“Unplugging the Subject of Law: The Radical Judaism of Žižek’s Paul,” in Žižek and Law, ed. Laurent de Sutter (New York: Routledge, 2015).

“The Curse of the Law and the Coming Politics: On Agamben, Paul, and the Jewish Alternative,” in Giorgio Agamben: Legal, Political, and Philosophical Potentialities, ed. Tom Frost (New York: Routledge, 2013).

“Dismantling the Theo-Political Machine: On Agamben’s Messianic Nihilism,” in After the Postsecular and the Postmodern: New Essays in Continental Philosophy of Religion, ed. Anthony Paul Smith and Daniel Whistler (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010).

Dictionary Entries
“Exemplarism,” in Companion to the Atonement, ed. Adam Johnson (New York: T&T Clark, 2017).

“Mallarmé,” in The Meillassoux Dictionary, ed. Peter Gratton and Paul Ennis (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2015).

“Milbank,” in A Žižek Dictionary, ed. Rex Butler and Harriet McAtee (Durham: Acumen, 2014).

Scholarly Reviews
Review of Giorgio Agamben, The Fire and the Tale, Critical Inquiry (print forthcoming). (link)

Review of Roberto Esposito, Two: The Machine of Political Theology and the Place of Thought, SCTIW Review, February 23, 2016. (link)

Review of Benjamin H. Dunning, Christ Without Adam: Subjectivity and Sexual Difference in the Philosophers’ Paul (Columbia University Press, 2014), Theology and Sexuality 21.1 (2015): 71-73.

Review of Sergei Prozorov, Agamben and Politics: A Critical Introduction (Edinburgh University Press, 2014), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (September 26, 2014).

Review of Paul Kahn, Political Theology: Four New Chapters on the Concept of Sovereignty (New York: Columbia University Press, 2011), Journal of Religion 94 (2014): 391-392.

“Out of the Woods? On Žižek’s Less Than Nothing,” Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 13.2 (2014): 96-101. (PDF link)

“Gutiérrez and Negri on Job: Between Theology and Materialism” (review of Antonio Negri, The Labor of Job: The Biblical Text as a Parable of Human Labor), The Bible and Critical Theory 8.1 (2012), 110-114. (PDF link)

Review of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Commonwealth (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2009), Political Theology 12.3 (2011): 487-490. (PDF link)

Review of Adrian Johnston, Žižek’s Ontology: A Transcendental Materialist Theory of Subjectivity (Evanston: Northwestern University Press, 2009), Symplokē 18.1-2 (2011): 419-421. (HTML link)

“Missed Encounter, Missed Opportunity” (contribution to roundtable on Žižek and Milbank, The Monstrosity of Christ), Expositions 4.1-2 (2010): 123-127. (PDF link)

Review of Slavoj Žižek and John Milbank, The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2009), Political Theology 11.1 (2010), 141-144 (PDF link).

“Žižek’s Flawed ‘Magnum Opus.’” (Review of Slavoj Žižek, The Parallax View.) Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 8.1 (2006): 90-97. (PDF link)

“Already, Not Yet.” (Review of Jean-Luc Nancy, Déclosion : Déconstruction du christianisme, 1.) Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 6.3 (2005): 87-95. (PDF link)

Books reviewed for Reviews in Religion and Theology: