Journal Articles, Chapters, and Reviews

Journal Articles: Peer Reviewed
“Neoliberalism’s Demons,” Theory and Event 20.2 (2017): 493-509. (Project MUSE link)

“The Inertia of Tradition in Star Trek: Case Studies in Neglected Corners of the ‘Canon’,” Science Fiction Film and Television 9.3 (2016): 347–370. (journal issue link)

“Gift and Communio: The Holy Spirit in Augustine’s De Trinitate,” Scottish Journal of Theology 64.1 (2011): 1-12. (PDF link; online journal issue link)

“On Agamben’s Use of Benjamin’s ‘Critique of Violence,’” Telos 145 (Winter 2008): 119-129. (excerpt link)

“The Failed Divine Performative: Reading Judith Butler’s Critique of Theology with Anselm’s On the Fall of the Devil,” Journal of Religion 88.2 (2008): 209–225. (PDF link)

“Politics and Perversion: Situating Žižek’s Paul,” Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 9.2 (2008): 43-52. (PDF link)

“The Sermon on Mount Moriah: Faith and the Secret in The Gift of Death,” Heythrop Journal 49.1 (2008): 44-61. (submitted version PDF link)

“Objective Spirit and Continuity in the Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.” Philosophy and Theology 17.1-2 (2005): 17-31. (PDF link)

“Empire and Eschaton,” Journal of Philosophy and Scripture 2.1 (2004): 1-6. (HTML link)

Journal Articles: Invited Contributions
“From Human Nature to Anthropogenesis: An Agambenian Response to Robert Yelle” (contribution to roundtable on Robert Yelle, Sovereignty and the Sacred), Religious Studies Review 48.4 (2022): 529-531. (submitted version link)

“The Threat to ‘Our Democracy’ and the Neoliberal Crisis of Legitimacy,” Yonsei Theological Forum 106 (2021): 7-32. (PDF link)

“The Impossible Research Archive” (contribution to roundtable on Laura Heffernan and Rachel Sagner Buurma, The Teaching Archive), Australian Humanities Review 69 (November 2021): 60-64. (PDF link)

“American Politics in the Age of Zombie Neoliberalism,” Public Culture 32.3 (2020): 453-463. (journal link)

“What is the Western Canon Good For?” Australian Humanities Review 60 (2016): 157-61. (PDF link)

“Intellectual Freedom in the Age of Social Media,” Continental Thought and Theory 1 (2016): 80-82. (PDF link)

“The Problem of Evil and the Problem of Legitimacy: On the Roots and Future of Political Theology,” Crisis and Critique 2.1 (2015): 284-299. (PDF link)

“Genealogy and Political Theology: On Method in Agamben’s The Kingdom and the Glory,” Political Theology 14.1 (2013): 109-116. (submitted version PDF link)

“A Dangerous Supplement: Speculative Realism, Academic Blogging, and the Future of Philosophy,” Speculations IV (2013): 35-37. (PDF link)

“On Materialist Theology: Thinking God Beyond the Master Signifier,” Revue Internationale de Philosophie (2012): 347-357. (submitted version PDF link)

“The Resurrection of the Dead: A Religionless Interpretation,” Princeton Theological Review 26.1 (2011): 37-48. (PDF link)

“The Christian Experience Continues: On Žižek’s Work Since The Parallax View,” International Journal of Žižek Studies 4.4 (2010): 1-9. (PDF link)

“‘That They Might Have Ontology’: Radical Orthodoxy and the New Debate,” Political Theology 10.1 (January 2009): 115-124. (submitted version PDF link)

Book Chapters
“Toward an Intersectional Genealogical Method: Silvia Federici as a Pardigm for Political Theology,” in Political Theology Reimagined: Theories, Ruptures, Itineraries, ed. Aleksey Dubilet and Vincent Lloyd (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, forthcoming).

“The Political Theology of Everyday Life,” in Routledge Handbook on the Lived Experience of Ideology, ed. Başak Ertür, Naveed Mansoori, James Martel, and Connal Parsley (New York: Routledge, forthcoming).

“Scripture, Epic, and Radical Catholicism: A Response to Thomas J.J. Altizer,” in The Challenge of God: Continental Philosophy and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, ed. Colby Dickinson, Hugh Miller, and Kathleen McNutt (New York: T&T Clark, 2020).

“La teologia del neoliberismo,” trans. V. Bonacci and G. Lucchesini, in Giorgio Agamben: Ontologia e politica, ed. V. Bonacci (Quodlibet, 2019).

“Agamben as a Reader of Agamben,” in Agamben’s Philosophical Lineage, ed. Adam Kotsko and Carlo Salzani (Edinburgh University Press, 2017).

“The Persistence of the Ransom Theory of the Atonement,” in Companion to the Atonement, ed. Adam Johnson (New York: T&T Clark, 2017).

“Unlearning Helplessness: The Liberal Arts and the Future of Education,” in The Best Kind of College, ed. John Seery and Susan McWilliams (New York: SUNY Press, 2015).

“Repetition and Regression: The Problem of Christianity and Žižek’s ‘Middle Period,’” in Repeating Žižek, ed. Agon Hamza (Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 2015).

“Unplugging the Subject of Law: The Radical Judaism of Žižek’s Paul,” in Žižek and Law, ed. Laurent de Sutter (New York: Routledge, 2015).

“The Curse of the Law and the Coming Politics: On Agamben, Paul, and the Jewish Alternative,” in Giorgio Agamben: Legal, Political, and Philosophical Potentialities, ed. Tom Frost (New York: Routledge, 2013).

“Dismantling the Theo-Political Machine: On Agamben’s Messianic Nihilism,” in After the Postsecular and the Postmodern: New Essays in Continental Philosophy of Religion, ed. Anthony Paul Smith and Daniel Whistler (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010).

Dictionary Entries
“Giorgio Agamben,” in The Johns Hopkins Guide to Critical and Cultural Theory (Johns Hopkins University Press, forthcoming).

“Ethics” in The Routledge Handbook of Star Trek, ed. Leimar Garcia-Siino, Sabrina Mittermeier, and Stefan Rabitsch (New York: Routledge, 2022).

“Giorgio Agamben,” in Religion and European Philosophy: Key Thinkers from Kant to the Present, ed. Philip Goodchild and Hollis Phelps (Durham, U.K.: Acumen, 2017).

“Exemplarism,” in Companion to the Atonement, ed. Adam Johnson (New York: T&T Clark, 2017).

“Mallarmé,” in The Meillassoux Dictionary, ed. Peter Gratton and Paul Ennis (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2015).

“Milbank,” in A Žižek Dictionary, ed. Rex Butler and Harriet McAtee (Durham: Acumen, 2014).

Scholarly Reviews
Review of David Tracy, Selected Essays, vol. 1: Fragments: The Existential Situation of Our Time, and vol. 2: Filaments: Theological Profiles, in Critical Inquiry (2023): 494-496. (link)

“Agamben’s Entwicklungsfähigkeit” (Review of Carlo Salzani, Agamben and the Animal), in Humanimalia 13.1 (2022). (PDF link)

Review of S. Jonathon O’Donnell, Passing Orders: Demonology and Sovereignty in American Spiritual Warfare, in Politics, Religion, & Ideology 3-4 (2021): 494-496. (link)

“Moving Forward by Moving Back: On Some Recent Works by Giorgio Agamben” (Review essay on Giorgio Agamben, Taste, What is Philosophy?, and Karman), in Cultural Critique 109 (2020): 141-151. (JSTOR link)

Review of Giorgio Agamben, The Fire and the Tale, in Critical Inquiry 44.4 (2018): 804-805. (link)

Review of Roberto Esposito, Two: The Machine of Political Theology and the Place of Thought, in SCTIW Review, February 23, 2016. (link)

Review of Benjamin H. Dunning, Christ Without Adam: Subjectivity and Sexual Difference in the Philosophers’ Paul, in Theology and Sexuality 21.1 (2015): 71-73.

Review of Sergei Prozorov, Agamben and Politics: A Critical Introduction, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (September 26, 2014).

Review of Paul Kahn, Political Theology: Four New Chapters on the Concept of Sovereignty, in Journal of Religion 94 (2014): 391-392.

“Out of the Woods? On Žižek’s Less Than Nothing,” in Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 13.2 (2014): 96-101. (PDF link)

“Gutiérrez and Negri on Job: Between Theology and Materialism” (review of Antonio Negri, The Labor of Job: The Biblical Text as a Parable of Human Labor), in The Bible and Critical Theory 8.1 (2012), 110-114. (PDF link)

Review of Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, Commonwealth, in Political Theology 12.3 (2011): 487-490. (PDF link)

Review of Adrian Johnston, Žižek’s Ontology: A Transcendental Materialist Theory of Subjectivity, in Symplokē 18.1-2 (2011): 419-421. (HTML link)

“Missed Encounter, Missed Opportunity” (contribution to roundtable on Žižek and Milbank, The Monstrosity of Christ), in Expositions 4.1-2 (2010): 123-127. (PDF link)

Review of Slavoj Žižek and John Milbank, The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic, in Political Theology 11.1 (2010), 141-144 (PDF link).

“Žižek’s Flawed ‘Magnum Opus,’” (Review of Slavoj Žižek, The Parallax View), in Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 8.1 (2006): 90-97. (PDF link)

“Already, Not Yet” (Review of Jean-Luc Nancy, Déclosion : Déconstruction du christianisme, 1), in Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 6.3 (2005): 87-95. (PDF link)

Books reviewed for Reviews in Religion and Theology:

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