Teaching History and Sample Syllabi

North Central College
Courses taught in the Shimer Great Books School:

  • Humanities: Art and Fiction (syllabus)
  • Humanities: Music, Verse, and Drama (syllabus)
  • Humanities: Philosophical Reasoning (syllabus)
  • Humanities: Theology: Structures of Meaning (syllabus)
  • Humanities: Critical Assessment in the Humanities (syllabus)
  • Social Sciences: The Western Political Traditon (syllabus)
  • Natural Sciences: The Shape of the World (syllabus)
  • Natural Sciences: What is Matter? (syllabus)
  • Integrative Studies Senior Capstone Sequence:
  • Upper-level Elective: Reading the Qur’an (syllabus)
  • Independent Study: Beguine Spirituality

Courses taught in other departments:

  • Deals With the Devil (interdisciplinary first-year seminar; syllabus)
  • Reading the Qur’an (honors seminar; syllabus)
  • First-Year Seminar: Writing (syllabus)
  • First Year Seminar: Speaking (syllabus)
  • Advanced Writing (upper-level gen-ed course; syllabus)
  • Cardinal Directions Senior Seminar (upper-level gen-ed course; syllabus)
  • Ethics (Philosophy Department; syllabus)
  • Logic and Critical Thinking (Philosophy Department; syllabus)

Shimer College

  • Humanities 1: Art and Music (syllabus)
  • Humanities 2: Poetry, Drama, and Fiction (syllabus)
  • Humanities 3: Philosophy and Theology (syllabus)
  • Humanities 4: Critical Evaluation in the Humanities (syllabus)
  • Integrative Studies 3: Nature and Culture I (syllabus)
  • Integrative Studies 4: Nature and Culture II (syllabus)
  • Integrative Studies 5: History and Philosophy of Western Civilization I (syllabus)
  • Integrative Studies 6: History and Philosophy of Western Civilization II (syllabus)
  • Social Sciences 1: Society, Culture, and Personality (syllabus)
  • Social Sciences 2: The Western Political Tradition (syllabus)
  • Social Sciences 4: Social Perspectives and Social Action (syllabus)
  • Elective: The Devil in Christian Thought (syllabus)
  • Elective: Introduction to Islamic Thought (syllabus)
  • Elective: Reading the Qur’an (syllabus)
  • Elective: Heidegger’s Being and Time (syllabus)
  • Tutorial: Heidegger’s Middle Period (syllabus)
  • Tutorial: Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit (syllabus)
  • Tutorial: New Testament Epistles (syllabus)

Kalamazoo College

Chicago Theological Seminary

  • Theology and Politics of the Devil (graduate seminar; syllabus)
  • Agamben (doctoral-level tutorial)
  • Lacan (doctoral-level tutorial)
  • Political Theology (doctoral-level tutorial)
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