New lecture video

I gave a presentation for the Open University of the Left in Chicago on Saturday, December 15. Video, including a lengthy Q&A session, is available here.

Three continents in three weeks

I have a lot of events between now and the end of the year, in far-flung locations.

  • On Monday, November 26, I will be in conversation with Anna Kornbluh about Neoliberalism’s Demons at The Seminary Co-Op Bookstore in Chicago.
  • On Thursday, November 29, I will be speaking about my book, with a response from Erica Robles-Anderson, at The NYU Center for Religion and Media.
  • The following week, I will be at the University of Copenhagen, where I will be doing several events: an author meets critics discussion on Neoliberalism’s Demons, a graduate workshop on methods in the humanities, and a public lecture on Agamben.
  • On Saturday, December 8, I have been invited to an event called ThinkFest in Karachi, Pakistan, where I will be participating in a discussion about Neoliberalism’s Demons; details here.
  • And my year-end speaking engagements will come to an end on Saturday, December 15, when I will be talking about the book at the Open University of the Left in Chicago; details here.

    For those keeping score at home, this means that I will have lectured on neoliberalism and demonization on four different continents — North America, Europe, and Asia in the next few weeks, as well as Australia, where I gave a series of lectures that served as the basis for the book. Colleagues in South America, Africa, and Antarctica are invited to contact me.

  • Recent writing [Updated]

    Some writing of mine that has come out recently:

    • Today I have a web piece at n+1 on evangelical support for Trump entitled “The Political Theology of Trump.” This is one I have been pondering for a long time, and I take it in a bit of a personal direction before veering toward a more world-historical perspective.
    • Yesterday I helped to kick off a blog event on Stefania Pandolfo’s fascinating book Knot of the Soul; you can keep up with the other posts with this link.
    • Less recently, I was invited to contribute a piece to the Turkish-language magazine Sabah Ülkesi on the very broad topic “What is human?” They graciously allowed me to post the original English text on my blog; the post includes a link to the Turkish version.
    • I also wrote a blog post responding to Scott Ferguson’s interesting book Declarations of Dependence; perhaps unsurprisingly, Agamben factors in heavily.
    • ADDED: And speaking of Agamben, I have a review out covering a couple of his most recent publications. I have another one in the pipeline that covers another swath of his voluminous post-Use of Bodies output.

    Theology and Continental Philosophy at the AAR

    As some of you may know, Beatrice Marovich and I have been co-chairs of the Theology and Continental Philosophy Group at the American Academic of Religion, where we have tried to push our sessions beyond the conventional engagement with Christian themes. This year, we have sessions engaging mysticism, Islam, and witchcraft (and other subaltern practices), as well as a discussion of the relation between theology and religious studies. Details “below the fold” — we hope to see you there! We especially encourage you to attend the business meeting, where we will be discussing the direction of future programming. Last year’s was very well-attended and, strangely enough, kind of fun!

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    More neoliberalism, more demons

    A few more events related to Neoliberalism’s Demons, all in the Chicago area:

    • This morning, around 11AM, I will be interviewed on the radio show This is Hell, on WNUR 89.3FM or live-streamable. For those who couldn’t listen live, an archive recording is available.
    • On Tuesday, October 23, I will be having an event on the book at North Central College; details here.
    • I will be speaking at the UIC Humanities Center under the auspices of the Interccect reading group on Tuesday, October 30; details here.
    • Elsewhere in Chicago, I will be doing an event at the Seminary Coop on Monday, November 26; details here.