Visiting Scholar

This week, I’m hosting Dr. Florian Klug, Assistant Professor of Catholic Theology at the University of Würzberg, who is here on an institutional grant. It is reportedly a pretty common thing in European univeresities to get funding to go visit foreign scholars, and I am honored that he chose to come hang out with me. Part of the grant provides for translation, and I am also very excited that he will be translating The Prince of This World into German.

The Shimer Great Books School is hosting a talk by Florian this afternoon at 5 (reception at 4), at the Koten Chapel on the North Central College campus, with a response by Shelley Birdsong, and tomorrow Florian and I will be joining Colby Dickinson and Stephanie Frank for a roundtable discussion of the future of political theology at Loyola University Chicago at 6.

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