Upcoming speaking events on neoliberalism, racism, and original sin

Later this week, I will be participating in a colloquium on Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom at Wabash College, which was where the lectures that formed the basis for the book were originally delivered. I will be giving one of two keynote addresses — I anticipate that mine, entitled “Beyond Capitalist Freedom,” will be the more critical of the two. Thank you to Jeffrey Gower for the invitation.

On Tuesday, March 1, I will also be sharing the “Beyond Capitalist Freedom” talk as part of a virtual speaker series on neoliberalism at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Thank you to Barry Stephenson for the invitation.

On Monday, March 14, I will be doing a seminar on a chapter from my book What is Theology?, namely “Modernity’s Original Sin,” at the University of Toronto. Thank you to Philippe Theophanidis for organizing this and for providing a stylish poster, even though it’s a private event!

Then on Tuesday, March 15, I will be giving a talk on racism and original sin at Queen’s University in Ontario. Thank you to Dustin Atlas for the invitation.

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