Fall course syllabi posted

I have posted the syllabi for my fall courses on my teaching history and sample syllabi page. They are as follows:

  • The Shape of the World — a Shimer Great Books syllabus on the history of astronomy and cosmology. I previously taught it last year and look forward to the opportunity to learn from my mistakes when they are still fresh in my mind! I feel especially invested in this class because it was one of my biggest suggestions for revising the Shimer curriculum, in order to give students a foundation in ancient and modern worldviews before drilling into more specific topics in later science courses.
  • Logic and Critical Thinking — I am excited to get another staple philosophy offering under my belt, after teaching Ethics last year. Perhaps perversely, my motive for requesting this course was to get a better handle on traditional logic as background for further study of Hegel’s Science of Logic.
  • Cardinal Directions Senior Seminar — this is a fairly unique gen ed requirement, an interdisciplinary half-semester course taken in the student’s senior year. Faculty members get to choose their topic, and over the years, I have done variations on the theme of utopia and dystopia. My goal is to get students thinking seriously about the so-called “real world” they are about to enter and their place in it.
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