Spring 2023 Syllabi

I have updated my Teaching History and Sample Syllabi page to reflect the three courses I will be teaching this coming semester:

  • Ethics (syllabus): This will be my second time offering this course in the philosophy department, and this time around I have tried to make the reading load more manageable without sacrificing rigor. It will be a larger class than I typically teach, but I believe I’ve come up with good ways to hold them accountable for close reading of primary texts nonetheless.
  • Reading the Qur’an (syllabus): This will be my first time offering the course since I began my Arabic study of the Qur’an in earnest, and I’m excited to work with a very diverse and motivated group of students.
  • Music, Verse, and Drama (syllabus): This has become a staple offering for me in the Shimer program. I especially enjoy the challenge of trying to find a common language to discuss music between students with no background and those with a lot of musical training.
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