Recent writing [Updated]

Some writing of mine that has come out recently:

  • Today I have a web piece at n+1 on evangelical support for Trump entitled “The Political Theology of Trump.” This is one I have been pondering for a long time, and I take it in a bit of a personal direction before veering toward a more world-historical perspective.
  • Yesterday I helped to kick off a blog event on Stefania Pandolfo’s fascinating book Knot of the Soul; you can keep up with the other posts with this link.
  • Less recently, I was invited to contribute a piece to the Turkish-language magazine Sabah Ülkesi on the very broad topic “What is human?” They graciously allowed me to post the original English text on my blog; the post includes a link to the Turkish version.
  • I also wrote a blog post responding to Scott Ferguson’s interesting book Declarations of Dependence; perhaps unsurprisingly, Agamben factors in heavily.
  • ADDED: And speaking of Agamben, I have a review out covering a couple of his most recent publications. I have another one in the pipeline that covers another swath of his voluminous post-Use of Bodies output.
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