Three continents in three weeks

I have a lot of events between now and the end of the year, in far-flung locations.

  • On Monday, November 26, I will be in conversation with Anna Kornbluh about Neoliberalism’s Demons at The Seminary Co-Op Bookstore in Chicago.
  • On Thursday, November 29, I will be speaking about my book, with a response from Erica Robles-Anderson, at The NYU Center for Religion and Media.
  • The following week, I will be at the University of Copenhagen, where I will be doing several events: an author meets critics discussion on Neoliberalism’s Demons, a graduate workshop on methods in the humanities, and a public lecture on Agamben.
  • On Saturday, December 8, I have been invited to an event called ThinkFest in Karachi, Pakistan, where I will be participating in a discussion about Neoliberalism’s Demons; details here.
  • And my year-end speaking engagements will come to an end on Saturday, December 15, when I will be talking about the book at the Open University of the Left in Chicago; details here.

    For those keeping score at home, this means that I will have lectured on neoliberalism and demonization on four different continents — North America, Europe, and Asia in the next few weeks, as well as Australia, where I gave a series of lectures that served as the basis for the book. Colleagues in South America, Africa, and Antarctica are invited to contact me.

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